2022 Christmas Ornaments

Porcelain Nutcracker ballet ornament in Seattle.

“Here we are, as in olden days.” The 2022 Christmas season draws near and that means it’s time to trim the tree once more.

The traditional time to set out Christmas decorations is on the first day of Advent and they are to be left out until the Epiphany. This year, Advent begins on November 27. I will be putting my decorations up a little earlier than that, however, on the day after Thanksgiving. Personally, I think that is the perfect day to decorate because it provides an activity that the whole family can participate in and bond over.

Advent calendar.
The Advent calendar has become heavily commercialized in recent years, but it has its origins in the Advent season of Christian tradition, which has long been the traditional period for Christmas decorating.

Speaking of bonding and family, one of my favorite childhood Christmas traditions was the gifting of Christmas ornaments among members of my father’s family. It really added a personalized dimension to the holiday decorating, and I remember being quite pleased with hanging my own “special” ornaments on the tree. If you have children, a good tradition is to gift a new ornament every year that speaks to your child’s tastes and interests. Ornaments also make great gifts for other family members and friends.

Family decorating the Christmas tree.
Decorating the Christmas tree is a time-honored tradition for many families, made more fun when hanging one’s own favorite ornaments.

Of course, there are thousands upon thousands of ornaments available in the marketplace. It’s not difficult to find an ornament that expresses even the most niche interests. To give an idea of available options, I have compiled a few ornaments below for perusal, many of which are more artisanal. These options are just a small selection of the Christmas tree ornaments available for 2022.



* These swirl glass candy canes are made by artist Megan Stelljes in the Pacific Northwest at the famous Pilchuk Glass School north of Seattle which was co-founded by Dale Chihuly.


Nods to Nature

It’s easy to buy bulk ornaments and throw them on a tree, but personalized ornaments make a Christmas tree more special and meaningful. Treasured ornaments become heirlooms that adorn a family tree for many Christmas seasons, if not generations.


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