Halloween 2022 Decor

Halloween Decor 2022 Seattle

Today is the first day of Fall, and that means it’s time to look at Halloween Décor for 2022!

If you’re like me, the slightest whiff of pumpkin spice awakens the urge to decorate for spooky season. It simply cannot be helped.

The New Yorker September 5 cartoon by Gabrielle Drolet

Luckily, there is plenty of not-so-menacing merchandise available from a number of sources to satisfy those creepy cravings. I have curated selections from various places below.

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Fun Halloween Décor from Target

Trusty Target is a true-blue source for terrifyingly delightful décor. Their selection runs the gamut from cute to creepy, which makes this low-cost department store a must-stop shop for all of your Halloween needs. However, given the affordable price points, much of this stuff moves quickly. Act fast if you see something you like, before it disappears into the night!

I myself have already hit up Target for a few select things. For example, I found the fiendishly fun Gothic arch door display stand below in their value section at the front of the store:

Target Saver Spot Dollar Section Halloween Decor Gothic Door Stand.
A display stand from Target featuring a Gothic-arched door. From Dracula’s castle, perhaps?

I am displaying it with some pumpkins from a cute figurine set I also found at Target:

Target Falloween Mini Ghost and Pumpkin Halloween Sculpture Set
Cute ghost and pumpkin sculptures from Target.

I added the tealight votive for now to give a spooky vibe. I hope I can eventually add an appropriately-sized Mexican Catrina doll to knock on the door.

Halloween decorative display with tealight.

Casual Halloween Décor from Williams-Sonoma Brands

The Williams-Sonoma stable of brands have long been a go-to for seasonal decorations. Pottery Barn especially is a consistently reliable source for Halloween goods. However, don’t count out hip sister brand West Elm, who has released a number of fun Halloween themed items this year, too!

Modern Halloween Décor from Crate and Barrel Brands

For those seeking a more contemporary take on their Halloween decorations, Crate and Barrel and it’s sister brand CB2 have you covered. While they don’t have a large selection of exclusively seasonal Halloween items, a lot of their standard décor can be repurposed for an eerie aesthetic and then be returned to regular decorative duty once the season is over.

Luxe Halloween Décor

Now, there are some people who are going to be “Luxury or Bust” no matter what. Luckily, there is no dearth of creatively creepy décor to suit even the most refined tastes. Below, I have just a small sampling of ghoulishly gratifying pieces for the luxury Halloween enthusiast.

Now that you have an idea of the available Halloween decor options for 2022, I hope you are inspired to spookify your space.

Happy haunting!

Halloween haunting ghosts.


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