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As the pandemic stage of COVID-19 draws down, many in Seattle and around the country are being called back into the office. Perhaps you will be among those returning to a desk that has sat stale for 2 years. 

Rather than brushing off those layers of dust and getting to work, take this opportunity to upgrade your workstation by elevating your accessories for a more productive and inspiring work day. After all, spring is a time for new beginnings; now more than ever we could all use a fresh start!

Whether you are back to commuting, or just need new perspectives in your work-from-home situation, here are a few fabulous items to enliven your office and boost your morale:

For the Desktop

Get rid of the mousepad and opt for a more sophisticated option: the desk blotter. Once used to soften the surface for writing and absorbing excess ink, they now make attractive padded desk surfaces for your laptop and mouse. This leather offering from Ralph Lauren comes in a few color options and can be personalized with gold foil monogramming. USD $250.00

Corraling pens and pencils in a pencil cup not only keeps them within easy reach, but it makes for less cluttered desk drawers. The alphabet brush pots from Pentreath & Hall kick it up a notch with their fun colors and graphic style to personalize your desk. GBP £40.00

I always love quirky items that bring a little levity to your day. This magnifying glass, designed by Belgian fashion house Maison Martin Margiela for product design firm Luminaire, is a trendy interpretation of the monocle to help you read minuscule text. USD $91.00

Why rip open your letters when you can open them more delicately with this brass letter opener from Seattle’s Frye Museum shop? The pineapple ornament adds a hospitable touch. USD $12.95

The business card has its origin in the aristocratic calling cards of the 17th century. However, in the 19th century they became a common social custom in the form of “visiting cards”, and visitors to any home would be proffered a tray in which to leave their card with an elaborate social code regulating the nature and purpose of the visit. We live much less formally now, but a silverplate card tray is a fun and beautiful way to offer your own business cards in a neat stack! This filigreed, openwork tray from Scully & Scully will do! USD $150.00

For the Credenza and Bookshelf

I’m not going to lie–I have been known to keep a stash of Jolly Ranchers within easy reach to savor while concentrating on projects. These acrylic candy bowls from Alexandra von Furstenberg come in an array of candy-like colors to make reaching for a treat, well, a treat! From USD $225.00

Not everything in your office needs to be functional. When you’re in a rut, get your creative juices flowing by contemplating fascinating objets d’art that spark the imagination, like these miniature obelisks from Parvum Opus. They come in a variety of appealing patterns to inspire a little ancient reflection. From USD $90.00

Storage is always an important consideration for any office or study. Whether it’s files, paperwork, or odds and ends, one can never have enough storage! I like to incorporate decorative storage solutions whenever I can, such as beautiful boxes. They bring great visual appeal to shelves or credenzas while keeping the clutter out of sight. I personally love the offerings from French paper house Antoinette Poisson, whose hand-crafted products like this hexagonal box are based on 18th-century domino papers. EUR 58,33€

Speaking of storage, trays are another excellent and decorative organizational option. I love the wicker trays from Amanda Lindroth, which impart a care-free island vibe. Use them to hold documents, coffee and tea services, or scented candles for a little aroma therapy. From USD $85.00

There are bookends, and then there are BOOKENDS. These beautiful glass bookends from OKA feature emerald orbs that heighten the Art Deco glamour several notches! Perfect for showing off your collection of Fitzgerald first editions. USD $250.00


I am always on the lookout for new stationery. I love that Papier offers several styles that are customizable. From USD $35.00

Nothing is more distracting than a messy pile of business documents crowding out your desk. A precarious stack of paper is always at risk of falling off the desk and creating a bigger mess. Instead, keep your documents neatly piled and weighed down with a paperweight, like this one from decoupage doyen John Derian. USD $60.00

Speaking of keeping your business in order, it’s always a good idea to couple your business processes to physical systems for smooth workflow. An inbox/outbox setup becomes easy and fun with the colorful organizing solutions from Poppin, which come in a variety of colors and are stackable. I particularly like this blush document tray. USD $16.00

Whether you’re on the go or just need to secure valuable documents, upgrade your paper storage game with the sleek canvas and leather legal envelope from Tokyo-based Postalco. ¥32500 JPY

The movie “Office Space” may have popularized the red stapler, but in 2022 we have staplers in many styles and colors. Surely, one of these staplers from French stationer Papier Tigre will have everyone buzzing at the water cooler. Be careful though, you wouldn’t want anyone to take it off your desk! USD $18.00

For Rounding Out your Office Decor

Wastebaskets are often the least-considered element of office decor. Doesn’t your trash deserve to go out in style? I love this iron chinoiserie option from OKA. USD $175.00

Fresh flowers will brighten any mood, no matter how stressful the day. Add a little pizzazz to your decor by placing a bouquet in small receptacles like this mint julep cup from Oldani Brothers. From USD $61.00

Don’t forget to incorporate artwork into your office decor. This easel lamp stand by Alexa Hampton for Visual Comfort provides a convenient way to display smaller artworks without putting holes in the wall, while also functioning as an accent lamp. USD $819.00

Lighting, of course, is always an important consideration. Slim-profiled lamps like the Tizio from Artemide provide the necessary lighting to do your work while remaining unobtrusive. USD $730.00

Returning to the office won’t be a drag if you take it as an opportunity to level up your desk and office decor! In a rapidly changing world, a little beauty goes a long way to balance our mental health at home and at work.


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